Who should I send wedding invitations to?

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. The first step to knowing who to invite, is knowing who you want to share that experience with. Writing the wedding invitation list is a very significant process.


When you sit down with your groom, you need to ask yourselves a few questions.


  1. What is the idea you have for your wedding?
    • What size of wedding are you dreaming of having?
    • Where are you having the wedding? How many people can the location accommodate?
  2. Are you planning to have children come, or would you prefer an all-adult wedding?
  3. Will you be inviting the same people to the ceremony and then to the reception?
  4. Are you inviting just families, or will you be inviting friends?
  5. Who are you sure you do not want coming?



Here are a few hints with each of these questions and then you and your significant other can decide on your list.


What is the idea you have for your wedding?


Are you thinking of a small wedding in a chapel? Are you set on a wedding out of town? Are you planning a back yard wedding? Is the location at a large reception area after a private ceremony?


The location of your wedding is a very significant factor for guests you can accommodate.


Have you always dreamed of a little wedding, quiet, peaceful, and very private? If this is the case, then you will want to invite your immediate family:


  • Mother and Father of Bride and Groom
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Grand parents
  • Maid of honor and Best man
  • Bridesmaids
  • Very close friends


Are you dreaming of a wedding that is entertaining, exciting, grand, and public? With this in mind you would want a large facility, reception area or private out door vicinity. This opens the door to many attendees. However, you will still want to keep in mind the do invites and the do not invites.


Do invite:


  • Mother and Father of Bride and Groom
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Grand parents
  • Maid of honor and Best man
  • Bridesmaids
  • Very close friends
  • Friends you have talked to within the last year
  • Cousins
  • Aunts and Uncles
  • Parent’s friends
  • Church, club or work acquaintances


Do not invite:


  • Ex significant others (unless you are both very comfortable with it)
  • Children (unless you are planning a wedding to accommodate children)

I had children at my wedding. They filled the hot tubs with toilet paper.

  • People whose intoxication could possibly ruin your wedding.

I had a drunken friend fall in the hot tub trying to get the toilet paper out.

However funny this sounds, it cost me a great deal. I can laugh about it now, but the deposit on the building we rented was taken. That was an expense a young couple had a hard time paying. Now I laugh about it though, and it is a funny memory. Therefore, it is up to you.

  • Do not invite people you feel obligated to invite because they invited you to their wedding.


When you are finished getting all the names you are your significant other can decide on, then you may want to ask your parents to see if they can think of any other guests you did not remember. Do a head count, make sure the amount of guests will fit in the location you are planning. Decide who will be at the ceremony and who will be at the reception. Then check the lists one more time. Get the invitations and go. You wedding will be exactly what you dreamed of.


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