Who Makes Attractive Plus-Size Wedding Dresses?

It used to be that plus-size wedding dresses were unattractive or not as fashionable as smaller sizes and hard to find at best. But designers nowadays are recognizing the demand for plus-size wedding dresses and responding to it. Now, many bridal stores and designers offer their stylish wedding dresses to women of all sizes, not just the traditional 0-14.

However, it can still be difficult to find an attractive wedding dress in a plus size. The following designers and stores make and carry beautiful plus-size wedding dresses:

  • Emme Bridal. Designed by the famous plus-size model Emme, Emme Bridal dresses are simple and elegant wedding gowns designed specifically for plus-size brides. These dresses are perfect for women who want something plain and traditional, although still attractive, in color and design.
  • Alfred Angelo. This designer offers a wide assortment of designer wedding dresses, all in size 2-20 and 16W-28W. What is nice about this company is that unlike many designers or suppliers, they do not charge extra for women’s fit dresses, unlike some companies that will add on to the price for extra fabric, sizing, and so forth.
  • David’s Bridal Woman. David’s Bridal Woman online carries a number of dresses designed specifically for sizes 16-26.
  • Bonny Bridal. This designer also accommodates full-figure women by providing all of their dresses in sizes 2-32, so you don’t have the limited selection that some designers and bridal shops offer.


When making appointments for wedding dress fittings and consultations, you may want to ask the shops if they offer gowns by these designers. In addition, Bonny, Mon Cheri, and Allure Bridals all carry plus-size dresses designed for any budget.


Online Resources

When looking for attractive plus-size wedding dresses, don’t forget to look online as well. Entire sites are dedicated to selling plus-size dresses. In addition, they offer helpful tips such as what dress styles provide the most flattering fits for your body shape, how to measure, where to get alterations, and other important information.


One site that has a treasure trove of dresses and information designed specifically for plus-size brides is www.plussizebridal.com. This site prides itself in offering wedding dresses that are popular and stylish. Their dresses go up to size 32. If they do not offer a dress in a particular style, they are willing to accommodate customers by helping them to find it somewhere else. Most of their dresses are shipped within a few days.


If you’re going to buy a dress online, there are a few things to know. One, your size. Wedding dresses are sized differently than normal street clothes, so follow the size charts and measurements closely. You will also need to know the seller’s return policy, if any, before purchasing a dress. This is important because obviously, you won’t be able to try the dress on before you buy it. In addition, if you’re buying on eBay, some dresses are so discounted because the stores are going out of business and don’t offer returns or refunds. Plussizebridal.com offers a 5 day return policy on their dresses, and each company varies.


Women today come in a wide range of sizes, and most of them are not a size 6. Wedding dress designers are becoming more and more accommodating as they see the demand for attractive, plus-size wedding dresses. As a result, it’s becoming much easier to find a beautiful wedding dress in a full-figure size.

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