Where do I find plus sized bridesmaid dresses?

With friends coming in all different shapes and sizes, it is likely your bridesmaids will come that way too. So where do you find dresses that can fit the smallest of your ladies to the largest?

You can start by looking at a bridal store, though this may take longer and in the end not produce as many results. Looking through the dresses at a bridal store though you can get an idea of what you want your bridesmaid’s dresses to look like and what styles would look best on your bridesmaids no matter their size. Sometimes bridal stores will carry a line of bridesmaid dresses in a number of different sizes, but the styles that carry all the correct sizes will most likely be limited.


You can also consider having your dresses made for you. This way you can pick out a pattern that can be made to any size and you can have your dresses made for you. The positive of having your dresses made is that there are hundreds of different patterns to choose from and you can likely pick out the exact dress you have wanted. The downside of having your dresses made is that you not only have to pay for the material and the pattern but unless you or your bridesmaids are doing the sewing yourselves you also have to pay a seamstress for the time they put into making it.


The best place to find plus sized bridesmaid dresses is online. On the internet there are hundreds of dealers offering dresses in all sizes. Because of the number of dealers offering these dresses you are going to have hundreds of styles to choose from. Also because of the number of dealers there are offering bridesmaid dresses you can get the dresses at a very reasonable price.


When you are shopping online you will want to be sure of where you are purchasing the dresses from. It is best to go with an established bridal or evening dress company that is located here in the United States. Some people have placed orders online only to find out that their dresses were not made in the United States and were actually made very hastily in China. The quality of the dresses was horrible but they were unable to get their money back.


Before ordering the dresses you will need the measurements of each of your bridesmaids. Once you have picked a dress and know the dealer you are getting it from you can give that information to your bridesmaids and make them responsible for calling with their measurements.


You can then have the dresses sent directly to you or directly to your bridesmaids. If your bridesmaids are located in different states then having the dresses sent to them is a good idea. They will need to try on the dresses before your wedding day and take them to a seamstress to make sure they are fitted correctly.


If you have had the dresses sent to each of your bridesmaids then make sure that once they are fitted they send the dresses back to you. This way you can have the dresses pressed and keep them in one place before the wedding day so that nothing happens to any of the dresses.


Many stores and bridal shops do offer plus sized dresses, but your greatest selection is going to be through online dress shops.

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