Where do I find bridesmaid dress patterns?

You are getting married and undoubtedly have a lot of things on your mind.  You have to rent the venue, hire a caterer, a florist, a photographer!  You are having trouble choosing your own dress for the big deal and now you have to dress all of your bridesmaids too!  As you begin your search for affordable yet fashionable dresses for your bridesmaids you may come to decide that instead of buying already made dresses, you want to have yours made.  Many brides decide to have their bridesmaid dresses made for many of the following reasons:

  • Can’t find the right fabric or pattern
  • Stores don’t have enough of a particular dress in stock
  • Stores don’t have the right sizes for all of the bridesmaids
  • Buying dresses is too expensive
  • And Many More!!!


Undoubtedly you want to help your bridesmaids out financially by finding a solution that will be affordable (as many bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dresses) and result in a dress that they would be happy to wear not only at the wedding but for other occasions as well.

There are a number of places where you can go to find bridesmaid dress patterns.  Here are just a few… (Also, keep in mind that regular dress patterns may also work with the look that you are going for, don’t feel obligated to choose a dress just because it is called a bridesmaid dress.)

  • Fabric store
  • Super center
  • Craft/DIY store
  • Shop.com, eBay (and many other on-line sites)


Here are Some Ideas to Help Make the Process Easier:


Have Bridesmaids Pick Pattern – As the bride it is your responsibility to find and pick out a material (i.e.: color, design, fabric) that you want for your bridesmaids to be wearing on your wedding day. Then each of your bridesmaids could pick out a dress pattern that they like and use the material that you picked to make their dress.  Doing it this way would not only ensure that each of your bridesmaids are happy with the design of their dress, but is also a fun reflection of the girls’ different personalities.  If your bridesmaids know how to sew you are set!  If they do not know how to sew and you do not know of anyone (such as a friend or relative) who could sew dresses for you, you may consider hiring a seamstress.


Find a Seamstress — Hiring a seamstress can get expensive, so knowing someone who would be willing to sew the dresses for you is usually the best option.  However, buying material and patterns for dresses is almost always less expensive than buying dresses at a department store even if you do have to pay for a seamstress.  It is easiest to try to find a local seamstress who can make alterations for you as your wedding day draws near.  Keep in mind however that alterations can take about a week so you do not want to be waiting to the last minute to get your dresses done.


Some Specifics:

Pattern – As you choose a pattern for your bridesmaid dresses keep in mind any concerns that they may have concerning modesty and comfort.  You want to make sure that they feel like they are looking their best when they attend your wedding.


Color – As you choose the color of your bridesmaid dresses it is best to have those colors coordinate with the colors of the wedding, setting, or even mood as well as the tuxedos worn by the groomsmen.


Shape/Length – Keep in mind that longer dresses cost more because there is more fabric to buy.  However also consider that when you buy fabric you can always cut off what you don’t need but it is much harder to add on what you don’t have enough of.



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