What are letterpress wedding invitations and how do I get them?

Use one of the oldest printing techniques to create the elegant letterpress wedding invitations for your wedding. Letterpress printing is one of the oldest techniques used for printing. This process is the use of raised surfaces and then is inked and then pressed against a smooth substance to obtain the image in reverse.


The process requires a high degree of craftsmanship, but in the right hands, letterpress excels at fine typography. It is used by many small presses that produce fine handmade limited-edition items, books, invitations, etc.


Affordable letterpress printing presses became available to artisans throughout the country. The movement has been helped by the emergence of a number of organizations who have started using letterpress printing.


To bring out the best attributes of letterpress, graphic designers need to understand the capabilities and advantages of letterpress.


There are many places that have excuisite letterpress wedding invitations. Provided here is a list of a few of the printing companies that you could talk to, in addition you can try a few printing companies in your home town.




If you wish for customized unique wedding invitations, an excellent place to order from is Marsville Letterpress. Online you can find many samples, which you can look at, try out and experiment with colors, fonts and styles.




With a great deal of variety, elegance and style, Bella Figura can offer a wide selection of amazing wedding invitation that use the letterpress process. Check, them out online and see what options they have for you. They have all sorts of styles from Pavilion, Nouveau, Promenade and many more.




Delightful, excuisite and artful designs, you will wow your guests with the wedding invitations they will receive from Dauphine Press. Brows their online store to see what your creativity and their craftsmanship can bring to your wedding.



With your wedding invitations bringing the gathering of the most important event of your lifetime being select is the main objective. For great attention to detail and design, Elum can help you design your invitation to attract the attention your wedding deserves.




For the classic elegance you are looking for in you letterpress wedding invitation, browse the options available at The Precious Collection web site. Make your selection through genuine quality, and complete wedding printing accessories. You can receive a free catalog to help you evaluate your options.


What to think about when designing and ordering your wedding invitations:


  1. What invitation are you going to order? (Letterpress)
  2.  Which enclosures do you need (response card, reception card, directions card, other)?
  3. What typestyles do you like best?
  4. What printing process are you going to use?
  5.  How many invitations do you need?
  6.  Do you know all your wedding day information (location, time, address etc.)?
  7. What wording do you prefer?
  8. What is your budget?
  9. How formal is your event?
  10. Do you have the correct spelling of your guest’s names?


Some good ideas to think about before you make your final decision on your wedding invitations is:


  • Get a sample
  • Try a few different styles
  • Look at different types of envelopes
  • Think about getting matching accessories, thank you cards, maps, etc.
  • Consider all the printing needs to be through the same company.
  • When your order arrives, double-check all of the invitations
  • Mail your invitations about 4 weeks in advance.


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