Wedding invitation verses

Embellish your wedding invitations with elegant verses of love, honor and poetry.

The verses you include in your invitations can be from books, verses others have used or ones you, your significant other or family have written for you.


In this article, there will be several examples and varieties so that you can get an idea of what you can include in the wording for your wedding invitations.


Your wedding invitations are the first step into the hearts of your guests. You will be honored to have them come and cherish this ever-important day in your life. The experience of your wedding is as unique, creative and special as you are. Therefore, your invitations should represent that uniqueness and creativity.


Similar as with the traditional wedding invitation wording, you need to start with who is hosting the wedding, then you will know the common way of starting the verses for your wedding invitations.


If the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding, you could try this type of verse:

Hear ye, hear ye . . .
it has been proclaimed that
on the fifth day of June, two thousand and seven,
Jane Smith and John Doe
will be united in Holy Matrimony . . .
your presence is requested
by the parents of the bride
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
to join in this celebration of love
at Six in the evening

Dreams Come True Wedding Center


If the Grooms parents are hosting the wedding, you could try something like this:


Mr. and Mrs. Doe
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of
Jane Smith to their son John Doe
on fifth day of June at six in the evening

At the Dreams Come True Wedding Center

If the bride and groom who has children are hosting the wedding, you can invite your guests with a certain elegance and ambiance to your invitations like this:

My family, your family

Coming together as one
Sharing, caring – a new life’s begun
Please share in their joy as
Jane Smith
and her children, Jimmy and Sarah Smith
are united as a family
through marriage with
John Doe
and his children, Ron and Buck Doe
on the fifth day
Two thousand seven
at six in the evening
The gathering will be held at

1212 Walk-along Street

If the bride and groom were hosting with their parents this verse would be very appropriate:

Before they met, their strength was of one
through marriage, they would experience
the strength of much more than two
Jane Smith

In concord,

John Doe
together with their parents
invites you to witness and celebrate
the joining of their lives
on fifth day of June
in the year two thousand and seven
at six in the evening

At the Wonderful Wedding Center

For the more casual of weddings, you could try this:

Love isn’t love ’til you give it away
We, Jane Smith and John Doe,
will be married in a
private wedding ceremony
on June 7th, 2007
You are joyfully invited to an informal
outdoor wedding celebration
after the wedding at 6:00 pm

2121 S Holiday Drive

Wanda Marry Iowa

Here is another very beautiful verse that would be perfect for a casual wedding invitation:

The sun, the stars, the earth
and all of the many creatures
join in a divine plan of the universe
Come celebrate with us one special part
when we, Jane Smith
and John Doe
exchange marriage vows
on July the 7th
At 4:00 pm

We will be sharing this lovely event at the

Heaven Is a Wonderful Place Park

You can add or take away, blend or come up with your own unique new verse. The creativity and love in your heart can guide you in creating the most wonderful and precious verse for your wedding invitations.

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