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chocolate fondant cakeOne of the traditions that most everyone upholds at a wedding is that of the wedding cake. Wedding cakes have been served to guests for years, just the type and style of cake changes.

Modern cakes in western culture, are large, multi-layered, or tiered and are usually heavily decorate with icing, marzipan, or fondant. These cakes usually have some sort of inedible decoration atop them as well.

So, let’s take a look at the basics of your wedding cake.

First you have to decide on the baker you are going to use for your cake. Wedding cakes have to be dense, strong cake so that they can support decoration, but are still edible. It is a real art to create a tasty, beautiful, and strong wedding cake. So, you are going to want to really look at references, and at the experience your chosen baker has.

You are going to want to consider cost when choosing a baker. Some bakers are extremely well known for their wedding cakes, but a cake from them might cost a small fortune. In 2005, the average cost of a wedding cake was $543. But it is possible to spend much, much more, or much less.

Now consider what size of cake you want. You are going to want to consider how many guests will be eating your cake. A small tiered cake may be delicate and beautiful, but will it be enough to serve your guests? Or will you offer them sheet cakes or something else instead?

You are going to want to choose the flavors for your cake, including the icing. Many people choose to have a layered cake, where every layer is a different flavor. That way they can satisfy the taste of the guests, their personal preference, and still have a portion to store for their first anniversary. Usually, if the couple intends to store part of the cake for a future date, they will have the top layer be a fruit cake, which stores well.

Last but not least, how do you want your cake decorated? Will you use live flowers? Icing flowers? Figurines? It is up to you, but this is one of the choices you need to make.

Make sure for your reception, when you will be cutting the cake, that you have a server for it, and a cake knife. A lot of times these items are included with the cost of your wedding cake, and you can have them engraved with your names and the date of your wedding.

Make your wedding cake as special and unique as you are.

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