Who pays for what wedding checklist

The Bride’s family


Wedding dress and accessories

Father of Bride tux or formal wear


Ceremony flowers

Reception Flowers

Grandmother Corsages


Church Fee

Musician for ceremony

Altar Baskets, Arches, etc. for ceremony

Canopy or arch for ceremony

Carpet for bride to walk down

Kneeling Bench


Church Janitor

Rented Items for Wedding


Reception Hall Fee

Catered food for Reception

Any professional services for reception

Rented Items for Reception

Reception entertainment (Orchestra, DJ, Band)



Wedding Programs

Napkins/Matches/Printed Items


Wedding Photography

Video Photography


Wedding Favors

Wedding Cake

Rice Bags


Wedding Breakfast

Bridal Brunch


The Bride


Wedding Ring for Groom

Wedding Gift for Groom

Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Medical Visit for Bride

Bridesmaid Luncheon

Accommodations for out-of town Guests

The Groom


Wedding Ring for Bride

Wedding Gift for Bride

Groomsmen/Usher Gifts

Limousine Service

Marriage License

Medical Visit for Groom

Clergyman/Officiant Fee

Gloves/Ties/Ascots for Attendants

The Groom’s Family


Honeymoon Arrangements (sometimes the groom takes care of this)


Bride’s Bouquet

Mother’s Corsages

Groom’s Boutonniere

Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Usher’s Boutonnieres


Rehearsal Dinner

Groom’s Cake

Father of Groom Formal Wear


Best Man/Groom’s Attendants


Bachelor Party

Best Man Formal Wear

Groomsmen’s Formal Wear

Bridesmaid’s/Maid of honor/Matron of honor


Bridesmaid’s Gowns

Maid of Honor Gown

Matron of Honor Gown

Bachelorette party



Usher’s Formal Wear


The Out-of-town Attendant or Family Member


Gifts for the Couple

Travel Expenses to the Wedding


Wedding day checklist: Bride

Wedding dress




Your vows, toasts etc.

Passport, ID, Travel documents

Cell phone


Bridesmaid gifts

Gift for groom


After wedding clothes, clothes to wear to your honeymoon unless previously entrusted to maid of honor


Emergency kit that includes at least the following:


Floss or floss picks






A press powder compact


Hair spray


Bobby pins

Manicure set


Tide to Go for the hugs from people wearing make-up


Clear nail polish to stop runs in panty hose

Spare panty hose


Superglue in case your heel breaks on your shoe


Journal/pen to record thoughts about your special day




Water bottle


Snack you will be nervous, keep your blood sugar level by remembering to eat.


Wedding day checklist for Best Man

Marriage license (if the groom does not have it)

Minister fee (if groom has given it to you)

Groom’s honeymoon bags

Ring pillow

Bride’s ring

Groom’s car

Extra boutonniere pins

Copy of toast for wedding

Tux bag for returning the groom’s tux after the wedding

Address of the first stop on honeymoon so you can send flowers

Pen to sign marriage certificate


Cell phone

Questions to ask checklist: Tuxedo

What styles are offered?

What colors are offered?


When do I need to make my appointment in order to get the tux by the date of my wedding?

Can I just walk in, or do I need to schedule a fitting?

Do I have to be fit at the same time as the groom’s men and fathers?


Do you have experts to help me choose the right tux for my body type?


How long for alterations?

When will the final fitting be?


What accessories can be rented or purchased as well?


Cuff links?


When does the tux need to be returned?

When can the tux be picked up?


Do you get a discount for renting all of the tux’s from the same place?


What kind of deposit is required?

What is your cancellation policy?

How do you pay?


How do I return the tux?

What am I charged if I ruin the tux? Stain it? Tear it?


Overall wedding to do

12 Months Before

Determine potential dates and times for your wedding.

Check with family about the potential dates.

Decide on the size of your wedding

Decide on the formality of your wedding

Decide on the setting of your wedding.

Create a wedding and engagement budget. (sit down with those who will be paying)

Reserve the locations for your wedding

Reserve the location for your reception.

Meet with and book your wedding officiant or clergy.

Choose your wedding party

Ask those you choose if they will participate

Choose your wedding rings.

Draw up an initial guest list.

Organize your engagement party.

Send save the date cards.

9–12 Months Before


Choose a wedding dress.

Get fitted for your dress.

Order your wedding dress

Order your attendants’ attire.

Book your photographer

Book your videographer.

Choose a caterer.

Reserve a caterer.

Reserve tables.

Reserve chairs.

Arrange for decor, chair covers and linens.

Choose your entertainment.

Book your live entertainment or DJ.

Choose a florist

Reserve your florist.

Choose a wedding cake baker.

Order your wedding cake.

Determine items that need to be rented.

Reserve any rental items from the rental company.

Register your gift choices at your favorite stores.

Determine accommodation for out-of-town guests.

Plan your honeymoon.

Prepare for your honeymoon (get passport started, etc.)


6–9 Months Before


Decide on your menu for the reception.

Reserve the musicians for your ceremony.

Reserve your limousine service or car service.

Order your invitations and any other stationery.

Order wedding favors for your guests.

Choose outfits for mother of the bride

Choose outfits for mother of the groom.

Check marriage license requirement

3–6 Months Before


Finalize your guest list.

Choose the program for your ceremony

Ask people to do readings at your ceremony.

Finalize your order with the florist.

Reserve the men’s wedding attire.

Make an appointment with your hairdresser

2 Months Before


Mail the invitations.

Finalize or write your own wedding vows.

Go to a tasting and finalize the menu.

Confirm the wedding details with the musicians

Confirm the wedding details with the clergy or officiant.

Have the programs printed.

Purchase gifts for parents

Purchase gifts for attendants.

Make appointments for nails

Make appointment for make-up.

Schedule final dress fitting. Have shoes and accessories picked out

1 Month Before


Apply for a marriage licence.

Get blood work, physical, exams, etc. done.

Plan the rehearsal dinner.

Meet with photographer

Give photographer shot list

Meet with the videographer.


2 Weeks Before


Have a party for the attendants.

Write out your outline for speeches for dinners.

Finalize reception details.

Confirm details with vendors

Call any guests who have not replied to see if they are coming.

Meet with your hairdresser and make-up artist for consultation to choose hairstyle.

Deliver song lists to musicians or playlists to DJ.

Confirm honeymoon reservations.


1 Week Before


Finalize seating plan with final guest count.

Determine the order for the procession.

Have your rehearsal.

Confirm accommodation reservations for out of town guests.

Pick up the attire for the groomsmen.

Confirm the final numbers with the caterer.

Confirm deliveries, details, etc. with vendors.

Confirm details with the limousine company.

Take your marriage license to the officiant.

Write out the place cards for reception seating

Choose someone to hand out wedding favors.

Choose someone to return rented items after the wedding.

Write any checks required for the wedding day, and get to the groomsmen, maid of honor, etc..

Pack for your honeymoon


On the Day


Give the wedding bands to the best man.

Give the best man officiant fee.

Gift gifts to attendants


After the Wedding


Open gifts.

Send out your thank-you notes for gifts.

Send out thank-you notes for attendance.

Send out thank-you to wedding planner.

Send thank-you letters to suppliers and attendants.

Clean and preserve your gown.


Wedding planning checklist

Wedding planning can be time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes it becomes a chore rather than an exciting event. So, rather than stress out, and feel gloom and dread because of your wedding, make a wedding planning checklist, as it is great for keep you organized, and helps you to avoid forgetting something important, like the marriage license.


The following are some of the typical things found on a wedding planning checklist:


  1. Announce Engagement


  1. Select Wedding Date


  1. Hire wedding consultant/coordinator (or decide to plan it yourself)


  1. Determine type of wedding: location, theme, # of guests, formality, time of day


  1. Determine budget and how expenses will be shared between families, or if the bride and groom will be paying for it.


  1. Develop a record keeping system for payments


  1. Create an approximate # guest list


  1. Decide if you will be inviting children or not


  1. Select and reserve ceremony site


  1. Select and book Officiant (Priest/Minister/Rabbi)


  1. Select and book reception location


  1. Select and order bridal gown


  1. Determine color scheme or reception and wedding (if you care)


  1. If ceremony or reception is at a home, arrange for any home improvements that need to be made


  1. Obtain, passports, visas, birth certificates, any documents need for travel and/or marriage licenses


  1. Select and book caterer, if you will be serving food, and not making it yourself


  1. Select and book photographer (make time to check out several)


  1. Select wedding party (in other words, who will be your brides maids, best man, etc.)


  1. Select and buy attire for wedding party (including shoes, accessories, etc.)


  1. Select and book ceremony and reception musicians, band, or DJ


  1. Select and book videographer, go over in detail what you want


  1. Select and book florist


  1. Register for your wedding gifts


  1. Arrange marriage prep-courses, if necessary


  1. Reserve rental items


  1. Select and book decorator


  1. Finalize list of guests


  1. Select and order invitations and other wedding stationary


  1. Set date, time and location for rehearsal dinner


  1. Select and book honeymoon night suite, plan honeymoon


  1. Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests


  1. Shop for your wedding gifts to your wedding party, parents, and each other


  1. Select and order wedding bands


  1. Take engagement pictures


  1. Select and order wedding cake


  1. Order party favors


  1. Select and order decorations


  1. Select and book wedding day transportation


  1. Start addressing your invitations


  1. Obtain marriage license (expires in 3 months, so do not do this too early)


  1. Send out your invitations


  1. Plan ceremony


  1. Mail invitations to shower


  1. Get photography permit, if needed


  1. Maintain a record of RSVP’s and early wedding gifts


  1. Maintain a record of shower gifts and send thank you’s


  1. Purchase all ceremony and reception accessories: guest book, toasting glasses, garter, ring pillow, cake cutter, etc.


  1. Select and reserve wedding attire for all gentlemen (tuxedos)


  1. Mail invitations to rehearsal dinner


  1. Plan bridesmaid luncheon


  1. Select your something old, new, borrowed, blue


  1. Finalize all food and beverages for wedding


  1. Finalize all ceremony details with Officiate


  1. Finalize all rehearsal arrangements


  1. Finalize all floral arrangements


  1. Make a wedding day itinerary


  1. Make sure vendors know when you need them to deliver things, and have people arranged to accept deliveries


  1. Finalize all details with all your vendors


  1. Decide order of receiving line and head table setting


  1. Give photographer a photo checklist


  1. Visit reception site for floor plan


  1. Create reception seating plan


  1. Give musicians a list of your music selection


  1. Give caterer/reception venue final tally of guests


  1. Pack for your honeymoon


  1. Drop all wedding accessories and decor off at ceremony and reception locations


  1. Make sure you have all final payments for vendors in envelopes for wedding day


  1. Make sure gentlemen have black socks


  1. Go to location for rehearsal


  1. Make sure Maid of Honor has groom’s ring and Best Man has bride’s ring


  1. Make sure you have your marriage license, photo permit, and Special Occasions Permit, if needed


  1. Put your engagement ring on your right hand


You can find a wedding planning checklist by using an online search engine, and typing “wedding planning checklist” into the browser. Good luck with your wedding planning. And don’t forget, this is a day you want to remember for ever, so do not stress out, just enoy the day, soak it all in, and let your wedding party worry about the details.

How can I find a printable wedding planner?

Let’s face reality, planning your wedding will be exciting and stressful. However, there are things you can do to help make it less stressful, and even more exciting. One of these thing is using a printable wedding planner. Having a printable wedding planner is like having a road map to your wedding, and will make the whole process a lot smoother. You will know what to do, and when to do it, and often times the best way to do it.

For example, sometimes printable wedding planners will recommend a timeline of events. So you will see that after the announcing of your engagement, and before the in depth planning you should attend a bridal show, check out the internet for bridal blogs to get some advice, and even apply for free wedding magazines to spark your creativity. The usefulness of a printable wedding planner can’t really be fully explained until you have one. Let’s just put it this way, knowing where you are going…and how to get there…(step by step), makes the journey easier, and the final destination super exciting. It also makes it less expensive, more organized, and thus, gives you more time to enjoy your sweetheart.

So, now that you understand the benefits of having a printable wedding planner, let’s take a look at how you can find a printable wedding planner.

Probably the best place to find a printable wedding planner is online, as there are plenty to choose from, and they are usually free. Why is this important?

Having lots of options means finding the right wedding planner to fit your needs, so take the time to compare planners, and see which ones fit your idea of what you want for a wedding. If the printable wedding planner you first find suggests booking your musicians 2 months prior to the wedding, and you do not plan on having musicians at your wedding, then it might not fit your style as well as another printable wedding planner would.

It is also important that you get this for free. You are likely spending enough money on your wedding, throwing in the cost of a printable wedding planner would be silly, especially when there are so many good ones you can get for free.

You can also get printable wedding planners from wedding planning software, while this can be personalized to your timeline and budget, as well as idea for style of wedding, it is also more expensive, and often you can find customizable ones online for free.


The following are just a few places where you can look to find free printable wedding planners online:

1. BridesClub.com: this site offers great advice for brides to be, and of course also offers a free printable wedding planner. This is no ordinary wedding planner however, it offers 51 informative pages, ideas, charts, tables & worksheets to assist you in organizing your event. So, there you have it, it is like having a like wedding planner, but it is free, and on  paper. This site and planner also includes interesting articles, tips & tricks to help make your wedding day perfect. And conveniently leaves blank notes pages where you can jot down important information and things you need to remember. They recommend you print this planner, and keep it in a durable, lightweight 3-ring binder. They also recommend you find one that has pockets, as they are great for keeping track of business cards, quotes, receipts, etc.


2. Countryweddings.com: this site is also a great choice for the more country styled wedding. They offer printable planners for every aspect of your wedding, from the ceremony at the wedding, wedding planner, documents, wedding documents, marriage license, name change, planner, wedding organizer, reception planning, honeymoon guide, etc.


Basically if you go online you will find a whole bunch, so find the one you need by determining if you want to pay for it or not, find one that covers the aspects of stuff you want to plan (reception, etc.), and one that fits your timetable.