Questions to ask checklist: Wedding dress

Questions for yourself:


What is your budget?

What styles flatter you best?

What is your personal style?

What kind of weather/season will you be married during?

What accessories will you need with the dress?



Questions for dress place:


Do you charge for a consultation?

What does it cost to try on dresses?

Do you offer a range of styles and choices?

Do you offer what I need? (modest dresses, dresses for specific religious ceremonies, etc.)

Do you rent dresses?

If I rent a dress, is there any extra charge for alterations?


How much time do you need to make my dress?

How many fittings will I need?

How long before the wedding will I receive my dress?

How long do alterations take?

What do you need for the fittings? Shoes? Slips? Etc.

How much are you charged for alterations?

When will it be ready?


Can you rent petticoats?

Can you rent veils, gloves, corsets, etc?


Do you require a deposit?

What is your cancellation policy?


Are you able to provide outfits for the entire retinue?

What accessories do you supply?

Can you make a suit for the groom?


How do you require payment?


How do you care for the dress, before and after?

Do you offer dress preservation services?


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