Where do I find plus sized bridesmaid dresses?

With friends coming in all different shapes and sizes, it is likely your bridesmaids will come that way too. So where do you find dresses that can fit the smallest of your ladies to the largest?

You can start by looking at a bridal store, though this may take longer and in the end not produce as many results. Looking through the dresses at a bridal store though you can get an idea of what you want your bridesmaid’s dresses to look like and what styles would look best on your bridesmaids no matter their size. Sometimes bridal stores will carry a line of bridesmaid dresses in a number of different sizes, but the styles that carry all the correct sizes will most likely be limited.


You can also consider having your dresses made for you. This way you can pick out a pattern that can be made to any size and you can have your dresses made for you. The positive of having your dresses made is that there are hundreds of different patterns to choose from and you can likely pick out the exact dress you have wanted. The downside of having your dresses made is that you not only have to pay for the material and the pattern but unless you or your bridesmaids are doing the sewing yourselves you also have to pay a seamstress for the time they put into making it.


The best place to find plus sized bridesmaid dresses is online. On the internet there are hundreds of dealers offering dresses in all sizes. Because of the number of dealers offering these dresses you are going to have hundreds of styles to choose from. Also because of the number of dealers there are offering bridesmaid dresses you can get the dresses at a very reasonable price.


When you are shopping online you will want to be sure of where you are purchasing the dresses from. It is best to go with an established bridal or evening dress company that is located here in the United States. Some people have placed orders online only to find out that their dresses were not made in the United States and were actually made very hastily in China. The quality of the dresses was horrible but they were unable to get their money back.


Before ordering the dresses you will need the measurements of each of your bridesmaids. Once you have picked a dress and know the dealer you are getting it from you can give that information to your bridesmaids and make them responsible for calling with their measurements.


You can then have the dresses sent directly to you or directly to your bridesmaids. If your bridesmaids are located in different states then having the dresses sent to them is a good idea. They will need to try on the dresses before your wedding day and take them to a seamstress to make sure they are fitted correctly.


If you have had the dresses sent to each of your bridesmaids then make sure that once they are fitted they send the dresses back to you. This way you can have the dresses pressed and keep them in one place before the wedding day so that nothing happens to any of the dresses.


Many stores and bridal shops do offer plus sized dresses, but your greatest selection is going to be through online dress shops.

Where do I find bridesmaid dress patterns?

You are getting married and undoubtedly have a lot of things on your mind.  You have to rent the venue, hire a caterer, a florist, a photographer!  You are having trouble choosing your own dress for the big deal and now you have to dress all of your bridesmaids too!  As you begin your search for affordable yet fashionable dresses for your bridesmaids you may come to decide that instead of buying already made dresses, you want to have yours made.  Many brides decide to have their bridesmaid dresses made for many of the following reasons:

  • Can’t find the right fabric or pattern
  • Stores don’t have enough of a particular dress in stock
  • Stores don’t have the right sizes for all of the bridesmaids
  • Buying dresses is too expensive
  • And Many More!!!


Undoubtedly you want to help your bridesmaids out financially by finding a solution that will be affordable (as many bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dresses) and result in a dress that they would be happy to wear not only at the wedding but for other occasions as well.

There are a number of places where you can go to find bridesmaid dress patterns.  Here are just a few… (Also, keep in mind that regular dress patterns may also work with the look that you are going for, don’t feel obligated to choose a dress just because it is called a bridesmaid dress.)

  • Fabric store
  • Super center
  • Craft/DIY store
  • Shop.com, eBay (and many other on-line sites)


Here are Some Ideas to Help Make the Process Easier:


Have Bridesmaids Pick Pattern – As the bride it is your responsibility to find and pick out a material (i.e.: color, design, fabric) that you want for your bridesmaids to be wearing on your wedding day. Then each of your bridesmaids could pick out a dress pattern that they like and use the material that you picked to make their dress.  Doing it this way would not only ensure that each of your bridesmaids are happy with the design of their dress, but is also a fun reflection of the girls’ different personalities.  If your bridesmaids know how to sew you are set!  If they do not know how to sew and you do not know of anyone (such as a friend or relative) who could sew dresses for you, you may consider hiring a seamstress.


Find a Seamstress — Hiring a seamstress can get expensive, so knowing someone who would be willing to sew the dresses for you is usually the best option.  However, buying material and patterns for dresses is almost always less expensive than buying dresses at a department store even if you do have to pay for a seamstress.  It is easiest to try to find a local seamstress who can make alterations for you as your wedding day draws near.  Keep in mind however that alterations can take about a week so you do not want to be waiting to the last minute to get your dresses done.


Some Specifics:

Pattern – As you choose a pattern for your bridesmaid dresses keep in mind any concerns that they may have concerning modesty and comfort.  You want to make sure that they feel like they are looking their best when they attend your wedding.


Color – As you choose the color of your bridesmaid dresses it is best to have those colors coordinate with the colors of the wedding, setting, or even mood as well as the tuxedos worn by the groomsmen.


Shape/Length – Keep in mind that longer dresses cost more because there is more fabric to buy.  However also consider that when you buy fabric you can always cut off what you don’t need but it is much harder to add on what you don’t have enough of.



Where can I buy bridesmaid dress sewing patterns?

After planning your wedding dress the next thing a bride usually plans is her bridesmaid dresses. Whether buying, renting, or sewing these dresses, there are hundreds of options available to you.

A lot of people prefer buying bridesmaid dresses because it takes a lot of work out of the preparation. You can buy bridesmaid dresses straight out of a bridal shop. They usually have a number of different styles and options available to you. It is important that you can take all of your bridesmaids into the shop with you to make sure they get the right fit for their dress. If you have special needs for your dresses, such as petite, or maternity, you may want to do your shopping online.

Online you can find hundreds of bridesmaid dresses by the major wedding dress designers. They display most of their dresses for each season online and you can click through the present seasons and past seasons to find your ideal dress. The major wedding dress designers don’t sell their dresses online but they will tell you where you can purchase them and even meet one on one with a representative.

There are also hundreds of stores online that do sell their dresses right off line. It is best to find a store that is based in the US and also has a physical location, so that you know you can trust them. These stores also sell hundreds of designs and you can click through these designs right online to find one that fits your style. A lot of times these stores will offer a discount the more dresses you buy for your party through them, so it can also be a great way to save money.

Through the bridal shops you can also rent your bridesmaid dresses. Some of the higher class bridal shops will not sell bridesmaid dresses but will rent them to you and these dresses are usually very high in quality. If you choose to rent your dresses then they will typically come in two pieces so you can mix and match depending on what style works best for each individual girl. They will also fit the dress to each of your girls, shorten it, lengthen it, take it out, take it in, etc. depending on the needs of your girls. Renting your bridal party dresses will not usually save you a lot of money, but it will make things easier for you.

If you decide to make your dresses, or have your dresses made, then every fabric store that is a clothing fabric store will sell bridal party patterns. At these stores you can go through the different pattern company’s catalogs and look through each style they have to offer. If you don’t find a style you like in the bridal company section, they also offer formal and evening wear sections that may have a dress that will suit your party better. Making your dresses can be a lot of fun as it allows you to put your own special touches to the dresses.

You can also find patterns online through different pattern companies. You can click through these patterns right from home and see if there is one or more that you think would work. You can also look for patterns on Ebay. Because people selling on Ebay are selling both old and new items, you can sometimes find great patterns that are from the earlier to mid twentieth century that would still be classy today. For something a little unique and fun you may consider looking on Ebay.

There are many different ways to find bridesmaid dresses, including making them yourself, and there are hundreds of different patterns available for you to do so.

What are the traditions around bridesmaid dresses?

In order to understand the traditions around bridesmaid dresses, it is important to first understand the role that the bridesmaids play in the wedding.  A Maid of Honor is the head bridesmaid.  Traditionally the maid of honor was just that, a maid.  Today brides usually choose whom ever they please whether she is married or not.  If the woman is married then her title is technically the Matron of Honor (although nowadays few people will call her this).  The maid of honor has special duties which include being a trusted confidante to the bride.  On the bride’s wedding day, it is the maid of honor’s responsibility to see that the emotional needs of support and encouragement are met.  The maid of honor also has traditional responsibilities during the ceremony and afterward during the reception.  The maid of honor is there right next to the bride to take her bouquet and gloves (or any other applicable items) during the ceremony and should be prepared to toast the newlyweds on behalf of all the bridesmaids during the reception.

Bridesmaids typically have a less intimate role than does the maid of honor but that is not to say that the bridesmaids are all show and no action.  The bridesmaids are responsible for a lot of what happens on the wedding day, including a lot of the planning for the ceremony and reception.  Below is a list of other traditional bridesmaid duties performed directly surrounding the time of the wedding ceremony:

  • Help the bride and her mother whenever possible.
  • Help the bride to dress for the ceremony, and make sure all the other bridesmaids and flower girls are looking their best.
  • Assist the bride by straightening her train or veil.
  • Help the bride get out of her wedding dress and into the clothes she will leave the reception in.
  • After the wedding you stay behind the immediate family when withdrawing to the signing of the Marriage Certificate.
  • Make sure to help the bride’s attendants and family fell at ease so that they can enjoy the happiness and success of the day.


Now that the roles of the bridesmaids are understood it will make more sense why there are traditions surrounding their dresses.  Bridesmaids are meant to be at the beckon call of the bride.  Naturally then it is the bride who traditionally chooses the color and style of the dresses.  The bride and groom’s families traditionally split the costs of the bridesmaid’s dresses.  However, now-a-days, bridesmaids often foot the bill for their own dresses.

The bridesmaid tradition originated from an ancient Roman law which required that ten witnesses be present at a wedding. The Romans believed that evil spirits liked to misbehave during a wedding ceremony.  It was the job of the ten attendants to confuse the spirits.  They did this by all dressing alike so that the evil spirits would not know which one was getting married (contrary to popular opinion this is not how the stereotypically scary “ugly bridesmaids dress” got its start).  Furthermore the bride’s veil was originally worn by the Romans as well.  It was thought that it would disguise the bride from the same evil spirits the bridesmaids were trying to ward off.

Today it is rare to see a bride with ten attendants, the most common number is four.  Whether or not you believe in warding off evil spirits the main role of bridesmaids has stayed the same for centuries.  That is that it is the bridesmaids job to ensure that the bride enjoys he special day to the fullest, regardless of if this involves protecting her from a hex or making sure she has enough to eat.

What about casual bridesmaid dresses – a good idea?

Every season different bridesmaid dresses are designed and put on the market. Depending on the season casual can be right in style.

When is casual in style? In the summer. In the summer is when it’s okay for brides to walk down the sandy isle barefoot, when it’s okay for the groom to wear a white shirt un-tucked over white linen pants, and when it’s okay and even probable that the bride will be seen in a simple white slip dress, or strapless empire waist dress. The summer is the perfect time to go casual, so long as everyone in the party and the whole design of the wedding is also casual.


As you head into fall and winter the styles change along with the seasons. Darker colors are worn, heavier materials, and shoes. This is when you will see your rich colors come out such as deep reds, bronze, and all your metallic’s. Brides and grooms will be more heavily clad, as will the rest of the bridal party. Heavy silks and rich satins are the perfect choice for the season.


In the spring you are still heading out of cold weather, though into light colors. This is when you will see your pastels, mixtures of light colored flowers, floral patterns for the bridal party. Brides will be seen walking down the isle in a mixture of flowing fabrics along with curls and flowers in the hair. Spring is a simpler and light colored, elegant.


So if you have the right season, then yes, casual can be a very fun style. And we are talking about casual dresses, not jeans and T-shirts. In most bridal parties jeans would never be allowed because they are simply too casual.


You can find casual dresses in a number of different places. Bridal shops carry different bridesmaid dresses, and usually a few of their styles will be casual. However bridal shops do tend to carry more elegant and classic bridesmaid dresses to be able to please the most number of customers.


Online you can search through hundreds of bridesmaid dresses from the major wedding dress designers – to designs from the simple Ma and Pop type stores from around the United States. A lot of these designers are going to offer everything from elegant to casual. If you choose not to order from online, you can still get some good ideas just clicking through the different designers and their styles.


You can also choose to get your more casual designs from a store that is not a bridal store. Every clothing store – from the Banana Republic down to Old Navy sells dresses toward the spring/summer months. A lot of times you can find the perfect cotton mid calf length dress right at one of these stores for your bridal party. Choosing to shop from one of these more national stores is also a good idea if your party is located around the map. You can tell each of your girls where the dress is located and they can each go try it on and pick it up on their own to make sure they get the right size.

You may also choose to make your bridesmaid casual dresses. This can be much less expensive if you go with a material such as cotton. Also if you are stinking with a simple and basic pattern it will be a lot easier to sew and the seamstress won’t cost you as much.


Casual bridesmaid dresses are perfect if you are using them in the right season and casual is the design of the rest of the wedding.

My bridesmaids are all over the place – how do I coordinate their bridesmaid dresses?

As common as it is to be offered a job in another state, go to school away from home, and adventure out when you graduate, it is very likely that when you do get married you will have friends in many different locations. This difference in locations can be difficult when you are planning your wedding for many different reason, one of those reasons being, the bridesmaids. Because there is no limit to how many bridesmaids a bride can have it is likely she will want all of her close friends, even if those friends are all over the map.


If you are planning a wedding and trying to coordinate bridesmaids from many different locations then there are a few steps you can take and tools you can use to keep things organized and in the end, keep your team of bridesmaids looking perfect.


Step one: Picking the dress. It is your wedding and your wedding day so you will get to pick the color of the bridesmaid dresses and in the end the dress itself, but it is good to get opinions. Your bridesmaids will likely be all different sizes and shapes and so even though it’s your day you do want them to feel their best, so ask them what style of dresses they feel best in.

Some of your bridesmaids may be uncomfortable in short dresses, it’s easy enough to choose long. Some of your bridesmaids may not wear sleeveless or strapless clothes, so if you pick a dress that is sleeveless you will need to pick one that has a matching jacket or shawl. Some of your bridesmaids may not want to show their back, so you can easily pick a dress that has a high back.


Knowing what your bridesmaids do and don’t feel comfortable in narrows down the search for you. Knowing what they do feel comfortable in will also allow you to sort through different ideas specific to the style of dresses they have mentioned.


Once you have got the opinions of your bridesmaids then you can shop around for dresses. Whether you do this at the location of a bridal store, searching through patterns, or talking with a seamstress, you can always find the dresses you choose online. So once you have narrowed it down to what you think would work best, email a picture of the final choices out to your bridesmaids. In the end they will be happier if they felt they had a hand in how they were going to look. With their opinion, you can pick the best dress.


Step two: If you order the dresses online you can have them shipped separately to your bridesmaids and they each can have their own dress sized (if need be). If you are purchasing the dresses in your town, or having them made, then you will need to get your bridesmaids measurements, but don’t put yourself in charge of this job. Give each of your bridesmaids the information about who is making the dresses, or where you are purchasing them and give them one person they can talk to at that location and make sure their measurements are correct. It is best to place this in the hands of the seamstress or bridal shop.


Step three: If your girls have to call in their measurements then give them a date that they must have them called in by. Make sure and leave plenty of time so that there is always room for change if need be.


Step four: If you’re dresses are going to be at your location, then make sure your bridesmaids arrive at least two days before the wedding to try on their dresses and have a final fitting – no seamstress will be able to handle the whole party right before the wedding.


Step five: If the dresses will be shipped to each bridesmaid for them to take care of the fitting then as soon as the dress is fitted have them ship the dress back to you. This way you can make sure they are all presses and kept nice before your wedding day, and no one leaves theirs behind!


By keeping things open and organized you should be able to coordinate all of your bridesmaids and help them to enjoy the experience.



How do I find maternity bridesmaid dresses?

Planning a wedding can be hard, and coordinating your bridesmaids can be one of the toughest jobs. Most people’s friends and family don’t come in only one shape and size, so it is possible you will be planning dresses for short, tall, small, large, and maybe even pregnant! Luckily there are many people in the bridal business who want to make it easy for you, and they’ve planned for the same.

You can start at any of your local bridal shops. Most of them carry bridesmaid’s dresses and they can at least give you some ideas of what dress style will work the best for everyone. If one or more of your girls is going to need a maternity dress than make sure and tell the shop this first because there are usually only a few styles that can come in maternity and match the rest of your ladies.


You can also look online at some of the major wedding dress designers bridesmaids dresses. All of the major wedding dress designers offer maternity bridesmaids dresses so you can first find a maternity dress you like and then match it to the rest of the collection. You cannot normally shop online from the major wedding dress designers as they like you to meet and talk with a representative, but you can get an idea of what you want and find a location that carries it, online.


There are many bridal shops online that do allow you to order online. Not all of them offer maternity dresses so if you need one ore more maternity dresses than first find a shop that offers them before finding the rest of your collection. It can be convenient to purchase your bridesmaid dresses online if your girls are located all over the map. By shopping online you can allow all of your girls to join in the experience and put in their requests or ideas by looking at the same dresses with you.


You can also have your bridesmaid’s dresses made, or you can make them. Any fabric store that carries clothing fabric will also carry hundreds of patterns. You can choose bridesmaid’s dresses not only from the  bridesmaid’s section of the pattern books, but you can also look through the formals and evening dresses – in this way you will have a lot of options. If you have a lady in your party who is pregnant you can make her dress match by choosing a formal maternity dress and then making it out of the same material as the rest of the dresses you make.


Many bridal shops also give you the option of renting your bridesmaid dresses, giving you yet another option. They will usually have two piece dresses so you can mix and match the tops with the skirt length. You will usually have choices of short sleeve tops, sleeveless, and long sleeve as well. Because of the many different selections of tops and bottoms you can usually find a combination that will work for all of your bridesmaids and even a good choice for a maternity dress.


Most maternity dresses will have an empire waist. If you want all of your bridesmaid dresses to look the same then you can also choose from many empire waist dresses that are not made for maternity. A good option so that all of your bridesmaid’s don’t feel like they have also been put in a maternity dress is to choose a pattern or dress that has an empire waist but is still fitted down to the waist for your girls who are not pregnant. In this way you can fit your maternity dress perfectly into your bridal party and everyone will be happy.

How do I find a seamstress to sew bridesmaid dresses?

If you have decided to have your bridesmaids dresses made there are a lot of things to consider.  You may find yourself wondering how much fabric you need, what patterns you should choose and how much is it going to cost to get everything done.  It is the modern understanding that bridesmaids are to purchase their own bridesmaids’ dresses but it can be said quite confidently that your bridal party will appreciate your efforts to find affordable and fashionable bridesmaid dress. Before you start tearing apart fabric stores or searching for patterns on the internet you need to find and ask the advice of a seamstress.

Find Seamstress

You already know that you can save lots of money by having your bridesmaids dresses made, especially if you get a good deal on the material (so keep an eye out for good sales and don’t hesitate to ask if there are any up-coming sales). A good way to find a seamstress is to ask the fabric store’s manager if she has a list of recommended seamstresses in your area.  You may be surprised to know that they will usually know at least a few seamstresses that come highly recommended.  If you stumble across a fabric store that doesn’t know a seamstress, you can consult your local phonebook or ask neighbors and friends for their suggestions.  You may just come across a friend or family member who sews and is willing to help you.

Before you purchase any material you need to make sure that you have consulted with your chosen seamstress first.  Find out what the seamstress will charge to make each dress.  This way you know how much you can spend on fabric and other supplies and still stay within your budget.


Find Pattern

Knowing now what the capabilities of your seamstress are, you can go about choosing a dress pattern that you like.  If you are worried that your bridesmaids may not all like the same thing consider this; allow your bridesmaid to choose their own pattern.  Since you will be choosing the fabric doing this will ensure that each girl is happy with their dress and you will still have a perfectly coordinated wedding party.


Measure Bridesmaids

You will need to take the measurements of each of your bridesmaids in order to buy sufficient amounts of fabric.  When measuring, make sure your bridesmaids are wearing all of their undergarments, including any slips. Also consider the added length that shoes with heels will add to the measurements.  It is always easier to alter a dress from large to smaller.  Keep this in mind as you contemplate sizing.


  1. Bust line – line across the fullest part of your bust line.
  2. Waistline – measure few inches above your bellybutton and the smallest part of your waist.
  3. Hip line – line across the fullest part of your hipline.
  4. Hollow to Hem – Hollow to hem is the frontal measurement from the bottom of your neck (the indentation between your collar bones) to the hem.


Show Seamstress – After choosing patterns and materials consult with your seamstress before buying anything!  Your seamstress can give you suggestions on what amounts of fabric she will need.  Your seamstress can provide helpful suggestions about what fabrics would work well with the patterns that you want.  Use your seamstresses experience to your advantage.


Buy Fabric – Buy seamstress’s recommended amount of fabric.  Occasionally you will find discounted prices when you buy the whole roll or ream of fabric at once.  Ask your fabric store if they provide any kind of discounts for larger purchases.  You may also want to search the internet for good deals on fabric.  You can check out the following fabric stores online:

Timing – Give your seamstress plenty of time to get the job done.  Consider that not only is she sewing all of the dresses but she is also altering them to fit each girl.  Take this time for alterations into account when reasoning out your timeline.

How do I buy modest bridesmaid dresses?


            Buying physically modest wedding and bridesmaid dresses is becoming more and more difficult.  As you have probably discovered by shopping around, dresses with longer hem lines, higher neck lines and sleeves that cover the shoulder are very difficult to find.  So what are your options?  Believe it or not you have quite a few.  Consider the following suggestions as you continue on your search to find the perfect modest bridesmaid dress.


Use a Seamstress:                                  

            Using a seamstress opens up a world of options for you.  When you have the freedom of designing your dress (that is picking out the pattern and fabric) you can ensure that the resulting dress is going to cover you in all the ways that you feel are appropriate.  A seamstress can not only make the dress of your choice by scratch, but she can also alter dresses as well.  If you are on a budget and cannot afford pay a seamstress to create an entirely new dress, consider having her alter an existing dress that you have bought on clearance.  Another suggestion would be to have your seamstress make a shawl or jacket that matches a dress that would otherwise be immodest.  Be creative, with a skilled seamstress you will be free to be as creative as you wish in order to achieve the look that you are going for.


Department Store:

Department stores and dress shops are great places to find bridesmaid dresses.  The only problem is that not all of these dresses are going to be modest.  Depending on where you live finding a modest dress in a shop can be more or less difficult (more conservative parts of the country, such as the mountain west, are more likely to carry modest dresses).  This regional specific bias can, however, be used to your advantage.  The laws of supply and demand provide reasoning that since there is less demand for modest dresses they are going to be more difficult to find.  However, without a lot of demand, the price of these dresses tends to go down.  So actually even though it may be harder to find a modest bridesmaid dress, the ones you do find may be less expensive than the more popular less modest dresses.  It is a good idea to try to look for modest bridesmaid dresses after peak seasons such as around prom time.



            When looking for hard to find items you cannot under appreciate the options that the internet provides to you.  A simple search and you can have hundreds of modest bridesmaid dresses to choose from.  The one important thing to keep in mind is that you will need to know how to take accurate measurements for the dresses that you wish to order (as obviously you will not have the opportunity to try on the dresses before you buy them).  Below are some popular sites for finding modest bridesmaid dresses



Modest in Price vs. Modest in Style

            In your search keep in mind the double meaning behind the word “modest.”  Many people think of homely or inexpensive when they hear the word modest.  Likewise, if you choose to do your dress searching online, you will come across many dresses that may be modest in price but not modest in style.  Keep this in mind so as to avoid any disappointing misunderstandings.



Although it may be frustrating at first, those who share your values and emphasis on the importance of modesty will appreciate your efforts.  Modest bridesmaid dresses are both tasteful and comfortable.  Your bridesmaids will appreciate the work that you went to in order to respect their wishes.   Hopefully the above solutions and suggestions provide you with the information that you need to make your search less daunting.

How do I buy junior bridesmaid dresses?

As you prepare for your wedding day, you have a lot of purchases to make.  Choosing your own dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses will undoubtedly cause you some stress.  On the same note, finding a junior bridesmaid’s dress can be equally difficult.  There are, however, many ways that you can buy junior bridesmaids dresses.  Some suggestions to make your job easier and to find a less expensive dress are listed below.

Department Store:

A good place to buy junior bridesmaids dresses is at a department or bridal dress store.  These retailers offer you with the one key benefit of having the exact same dress in a variety of sizes.  At a department store you are free to try on the dress and make sure that you know exactly what you are purchasing.  Most people steer clear of department stores and dress shops because they assume that these are going to be the most expensive places to but a dress.  This is not always the case.  If you can give yourself enough time to wait for the sales those bridesmaids dresses can become quite a steal.  Formal type dresses usually go on sale after the peak seasons of use (such as around prom time, the end of summer and Christmas time).  You can literally shop and choose the junior bridesmaid dress that you want and just wait for it to go on sale.


Use a Seamstress:

            If you don’t have the time or nerves to wait for the things you want to go on sale and are looking for an alternative, you may consider having someone make your junior bridesmaid dresses for you.  Buying a pattern and fabric are almost always going to be less expensive than buying a dress from a store.  If you can find someone who is willing and able to sew that dress for you than you are set!  If not, you can hire a seamstress to do this for you (note: it is a good idea to talk with your seamstress before buying fabrics as she can provide help more accurate information as to how much fabric the patterns that you choose will actually need.)

Another solution is a compromise.  Maybe you are willing to buy your junior bridesmaids dresses at a store or on line and then have a seamstress alter them.  If you can find a good deal on an imperfect dress a seamstress comes in handy.  It is less expensive to pay a seamstress for alterations than to make a dress from scratch.  So keep this in mind if you happen upon a junior bridesmaid dress that you like but needs a shorter hem line or to be taken in at the waist.



If you decide to order your junior bridesmaid dresses online, keep in mind that there is a difference between sizes.  For example if the child is a size 8 make sure that you are ordering a size 8 for children versus a size 8 for juniors, or even worse, women.  You do not want to accidentally buy the right size in the wrong age category.

Take accurate measurements of your junior bridesmaids and be prepared with them in front of you while you order your dresses form the internet. Also consider having a seamstress as a back-up if the junior dress arrives and needs to be altered (as will most likely be the case no matter where the dress is bought).  Below are a few suggestions of popular bridesmaid dress retailer’s websites:


  • David’s Bridal (also has traditional stores that you may want to visit before going to the website) –  www.davidsbridal.com
  • Magic Moments (headquartered in New York) – www.magicmomentscollections.com
  • DressBridesmaid.net (online only)