Who pays for what wedding checklist

The Bride’s family


Wedding dress and accessories

Father of Bride tux or formal wear


Ceremony flowers

Reception Flowers

Grandmother Corsages


Church Fee

Musician for ceremony

Altar Baskets, Arches, etc. for ceremony

Canopy or arch for ceremony

Carpet for bride to walk down

Kneeling Bench


Church Janitor

Rented Items for Wedding


Reception Hall Fee

Catered food for Reception

Any professional services for reception

Rented Items for Reception

Reception entertainment (Orchestra, DJ, Band)



Wedding Programs

Napkins/Matches/Printed Items


Wedding Photography

Video Photography


Wedding Favors

Wedding Cake

Rice Bags


Wedding Breakfast

Bridal Brunch


The Bride


Wedding Ring for Groom

Wedding Gift for Groom

Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Medical Visit for Bride

Bridesmaid Luncheon

Accommodations for out-of town Guests

The Groom


Wedding Ring for Bride

Wedding Gift for Bride

Groomsmen/Usher Gifts

Limousine Service

Marriage License

Medical Visit for Groom

Clergyman/Officiant Fee

Gloves/Ties/Ascots for Attendants

The Groom’s Family


Honeymoon Arrangements (sometimes the groom takes care of this)


Bride’s Bouquet

Mother’s Corsages

Groom’s Boutonniere

Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Usher’s Boutonnieres


Rehearsal Dinner

Groom’s Cake

Father of Groom Formal Wear


Best Man/Groom’s Attendants


Bachelor Party

Best Man Formal Wear

Groomsmen’s Formal Wear

Bridesmaid’s/Maid of honor/Matron of honor


Bridesmaid’s Gowns

Maid of Honor Gown

Matron of Honor Gown

Bachelorette party



Usher’s Formal Wear


The Out-of-town Attendant or Family Member


Gifts for the Couple

Travel Expenses to the Wedding


What to expect to pay for each element of the wedding


Venue and rentals $2000-$40,000

Food and service $5-$35 per person

Beverages $2-$10 per person (if you serve alcohol)

Cake $250-$1000



Gown and alterations $500-$10000

Headpiece and veil $75-$250

Bridal accessories $50-$200

Hair and makeup $150-$500

Groom’s tux or suit $100-$350

Groom’s accessories $50-$100


Flowers and Decorations:

Floral arrangements for ceremony  $25/ arrangement or $500

Flower girl’s buds and basket $75

Ring pillow $25

Bride’s bouquet $150

Bridesmaids’ bouquets $150

Boutonnieres $50

Corsages $150

Reception decorations  $500-$1500

Lighting $300-$800




Ceremony musicians $250

Cocktail-hour musicians $250

Reception band, deejay, or entertainment $200-$1000

Sound-system or dance-floor rental $450-$800


Photographs and Video:


Photography $1500-$5000

Videography $3000-$8000

Additional prints and albums $500


Favors and Gifts:


Welcome gifts for out-of-town guests $50 each

Bridal-party gifts $25 each




Site fee free-$300

Officiant fee or church donation $100-$450



Save-the-date cards  $0.60/each-$3 each

Invitations and RSVPs $1-$4.50 each

Programs $0.20-1.50 each

Seating and place cards $0.20-2.00 each

Menu cards $0.50 each

Thank-you notes $0.50-$1.50 each

Postage $0.40 more for irregular shaped items per item sent


Wedding Rings

Bride’s ring $1500-$4000 (or much higher)

Groom’s ring $200-$400



Limousine or car rental for bride and groom $75/hr

Limousine or car rental for bridal party $80/hr

Transportation for out-of-town guests

Valet parking $400 plus gratuities


Wedding photographer shot list

Before the ceremony


Bride photos:

Bride looking into a mirror

Bride looking out window

Bride touching up makeup


Wedding dress:

The back of the dress, usually of someone buttoning or zipping it

The dress in the dress bag hanging, or lying over a chair


Accessories: veil, necklace, garter, shoes

Mother of the bride fastening the bride’s necklace

The bride’s garter, off and on

The bride’s veil, off and on

Her shoes peeking out from under the dress


Bride with others:

Bride with her bridesmaids putting on makeup

Bride giving or pinning corsage/boutonniere on her mother and father

Bride hugging parents

Bride and parents leaving for ceremony


Groom photos:

Groom tying tie

Groom looking into mirror



Photo of cuff links, tie pin, etc.


Groom with others:

Groom pinning corsage/boutonniere on his mother and father

Groom hugging parents

Groom and parents leaving for ceremony


At ceremony


Outside of the ceremony site

Guests entering ceremony site

Valet’s helping guests

Bride entering the ceremony site with her parents

Parents being seated

Grandparents being seated


During ceremony if photography is allowed


Maid of honor walking down the aisle

Bridesmaids walking down the aisle

Flower girl and ring bearer walking down aisle

Groom waiting for bride

Ceremony musicians or organist


Bride and father walking down aisle, from front and back

Groom seeing bride for first time

Bride’s father and Bride hugging at end of aisle

Altar or canopy during ceremony

Shot of the audience

The unity ceremony

The rings, ring exchange

Close up and wide shot of bride and groom saying the vows

Close up of hands joined

The kiss over the altar

Bride and Groom walking up the aisle

Signing the marriage license

Receiving line

Bride and Groom leaving ceremony site

Guests celebrating the union

Bride and Groom hugging guests, laughing, getting congratulations

Bride and Groom getting in car

Bride and Groom in back seat


Posed Wedding Photography


Bride alone

Groom alone

Bride with maid of honor

Bride with bridesmaids

Bride with groomsmen

Groom with best man

Groom with groomsmen

Groom with bridesmaids

Bride with parents

Groom with parents

Bride and Groom together

Bride and Groom with both parents

Bride and Groom with groom parents

Bride and Groom with bride parents

Bride and Groom with family

Bride and Groom with wedding party

Bride and Groom flower girl

Bride and Groom with ring bearer





Outside of reception site

Bride and Groom arriving

Receiving line, greeting guests

The tables, centerpieces, décor

The head table

The entertainment

The guestbook (open)

The table setting, place cards, seating chart

Wedding cake, before it is cut, after it is cut

Cutting the cake

Feeding each other the cake

Groom’s cake

Gift table

A shot of bride and groom with guests at each table

Bride with college friends

Groom with college friends

The food, whether a buffet, or of servers

Bride and Groom’s first dance

Bride and Father dancing

Groom and Mother dancing

Guests dancing


Bride and Groom drinking after a toast

Bride throwing bouquet

Someone catching the bouquet

Groom retrieving garter

Groom tossing garter

Someone catching the garter

Garter/Bouquet dance

The car they leave in (decorated)

Bride and Groom leaving party

Rice, roses, etc. being thrown as bride and groom leave

Bride and Groom driving away

A list of guests the photographer shouldn’t miss

Questions to ask checklist: Wedding invitations


How long have you been in business?

How much experience do you have with wedding invites?

What is your design background?

What types of printing processes do you offer?

Do you specialize in a specific printing process?

What do you recommend for my budget and style?

Can you provide me with the contact information for brides who recently used your service, so I can call or email for references?


Printing and offerings:

Do you print the invitations yourself, or just design them?

Do you offer custom invitations?

Do you offer templated style invitations?

What options do you offer for paper type?

What options do you offer for color?

What font options do you offer?

What ink options do you offer?

Is there a word or text limit?

Can I order other things through you as well, like programs, save the date cards, table place cards, escort cards, menus, etc?

Do you offer wedding packages?

Are there quantity discount?


Photos and images:

If I want to include a picture or graphic on my invitation, can you accommodate that?

What format do I need to provide the image to you in?

Do you have photo retouching available?

How much does it cost to retouch photos?

Can you convert color images to black and white or sepia?

Is there an additional cost to convert images?



Are there any new styles, trends and color combinations I might want to consider? Which are the most popular?

What kinds of handmade or artisanal paper do you offer?

Can my invitations be printed on recycled paper and/or with soy-based ink?


Delivery and shipping:

What would it cost to mail my wedding invitation?

Once I place my order, how long will it take to have the completed invitations delivered?

Do you have rush-order available?

What are the extra fees?

If you are ordering from an online company, ask what are the shipping methods available?

What are the shipping costs?

If the invitation involves multiple pieces, can you assemble them?

What is the additional fee for this?

How will the assembly affect my delivery date?

Do you offer an invitation addressing service?

What is the charge for this?

What lettering style options are available?

Will the lettering push back my delivery date?


Payment and proofing:

When is payment due?

When can I expect to receive a bid from you?

Will I sign off on an invitation proof before you send my order to print?

If errors are made on invitations that were not on the proof, will they be corrected and reprinted at no additional cost?

How much time will it take to redo my order if there is a problem with it?

What is your refund policy if I cancel my order?


Wedding favors checklist


How much do you want to spend per person?

What kind of budget do you have for wedding favors?

When you consider cost, are you considering just the item? The packaging? The delivery?

How many do you need?

Can you get a discount for quantity?



How are you going to present your wedding favors? Bags? Boxes? By themselves? Tied with ribbon? Stickers?

Who is giving them out?

How will favors be held?



How much time do you have for wedding favors?

Will you be putting them together yourself?

Will you have help stuffing, putting together, etc?

Do you want to have a hand-made touch?



What kind of favor do you want?






Do you want your name printed on them?



What colors are you using for your wedding?

What message do you want to send?


Wedding décor checklist

Décor Needed for the Engagement Party:

Room decor


Gift table



Shower theme decor


Gift table



Entryway arrangements

Altar arrangements

Pew or chair arrangements

Aisle runner

Receiving line décor



Entryway arrangements

table


Bar arrangements

Buffet-table arrangements

Food-station arrangements

Receiving line décor

Dance floor décor


Questions to ask when choosing décor:

What is your theme?

What are your favorite flowers?

What colors are you considering?

How much time will you have to set up the décor?

How much effort will you have available for decorating for the wedding?

How much help will you have?

What do you need to make your décor work? Power? Water? Etc.



Wedding day emergency kit list

Just in case:


Curling iron

Hot rollers

Bobby pins




Hair tie (white, or nude)



Headband or clips for pulling hair back while applying makeup



Cotton balls

Cotton swabs



Makeup remover


Nail polish in shade worn

Nail polish remover

Clear polish (great for stopping runs in panty hose)

Nail file





Breath mints or gum



Small grooming scissors


Red eye relief


Wet wipes

Wash cloth, hand towel




Lint brush




An extra garter

Safety pins

Sewing kit with plenty of the right color thread

Masking tape or sewing tape (for ripped hems you do not have time to fix)


Extra earring backs


Thread scissors

Extra buttons


Stain remover (tide to go, club soda, etc.)


Comfy shoes for the reception


Extra pantyhose



Hand held steam cleaner


Health or Medical:




Any prescription you are on


Cough drops

Cold remedy

Ice pack or heating pack combo

Upset stomach remedy

Aspirin or other pain relievers

Tampon, pad, panty liner



Phone number list for vendors and guests (not just in your cell phone)

Flash light


Film/ memory card




Wedding day checklist: Groom

Wedding license

Vows and toasts or speeches

The ring

Passport, ID, Travel documents

Officiate fee for Best man if not already given to him


Grooming materials:

A trimmer


Gel or hair spray






A spot cleaner, like Tide to Go to keep shirt crisp and clean even after getting hugs and kisses from ladies with makeup, lipstick, etc.

A spare set of cuff links



Cell phone


Journal and pen to record any thoughts about the day


After wedding clothes, clothes to wear to your honeymoon


Groomsmen gift

Gift for bride

Wedding day checklist: Mother of the Bride

Matches to light the family candle if that is part of your ceremony


Family bible


Instructions for ceremony


Last minute instructions for officiate


Tissues or handkerchief


Copy of toast or speech


Emergency kit for the bride


Contact information for all vendors (not just in cell phone)


Cell phone




Make-up retouch kit


Directions to ceremony


Directions to reception


Wedding day checklist: Maid of Honor

The bride’s going away clothes and luggage

Rose petals for flower girls

Grooms ring

List of photograph shots the bride wants for the photographer

Pens for signing the wedding certificate

Dress bag for the bride’s wedding dress

Rice or whatever will be thrown when the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon.


Cell phone

Vendor numbers

Bridesmaid gifts if bride entrusted them to you